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Sand Springs, OK

Serving Northeast Oklahoma since 1948

Decorative rock for your home

We have a large selection of decorative rock for you to choose from! Decorative rock can be used for projects such as walkways, ponds, chimneys, decorating flower beds, and going around pavers.

Which decorative rock fits your needs best?

  • 7/8" Creek Rock

  • Sugar Creek

  • Small Aztec

  • Large Aztec

  • 7/8" River Rock

  • 2" River Rock

  • Red Lava

  • 3/8" Castle rock

  • 5/8" Castle Rock

  • 1-1/2" Castle Rock

  • 1-3" Small Cobble

  • 4-8" Medium Cobble

Local honey available!

We have local honey on-site which is available for purchase! Call or visit us to learn more!

Decorative rock Small Aztec Medium Cobblestone Red Lava

Explore sand options for your project

Along with decorative rock, you might also be interested in sand for your project. Just visit our Sand page to learn more.